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Going Home

I'm not really in the mood to go home this year.  I don't think it's because I "love JMU so much" or will miss JMU people too much, but i'm tired of moving. I thought about it... and ever since my parents divorced, I have been carrying my personal belongings in a mobile manner. Ever since I was 10, I was living out of some kind of luggage case. That's kinda sad.... psht... but whatever... I'm really glad to go home and see people I haven't seen in awhile. It's weird how the numbers lessen over the years and people who were once really good friends dry up into people you kinda sorta know.  I guess that the people I do hang out with though are the friends who stand the test of time. But, as long as I still see them here and there (or once a year at Godwin High School now that I think about it), that's always good too :) 

Summer Goals:

Go to  South Carolina to see my "should be boyfriend but not cuz he lives too far away." If anyone wants details on him, he's a sweetheart :)

Volunteer at a hospital. I'm a health science major with a concentration in pre-physical therapy. Who saw that coming??

Work at Ruby Tuesdays but also get another job to do something new with my life. 

Venture through all of Maymont one day. 

Go to the First Flight Clinic (i've become actively involved in winterguard these days. I've got some skills too ^^ )

Go to the River House once

See fireworks 

Speak some japanese... I really miss it. 

Hang out with any friends I can.

That's my life so far... from scanning through the pages of people on my friends list on this, a lot of you are people i've maybe spoken to once in a couple years. If you wanna hang out at all, i'm in the same area as always! :) 

Anyways... I guess I should be taking care of business now and study.  I have 2 anatomy exams, a calculus exam, and a health related statistics exam this week. FML




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